is purchase code verification necessary in wordpress theme ? stop user to use ?

Hi , guys i am making a wordpress theme , i see many theme authors ask purchase code to verify the purchase and without that user cannot install many plugins and demo data ,
is it compulsory ?? without it my theme will approved??
is it help authors from piracy ?

Please reply as soon as possible

You’re probably ages from achieving that. Also, that’s not the no1 concern, will someone purchase code jada jada…

Your no1 concern is to get the theme approved and to get first 1000 sales. If you can do that, then it’ll be the right time to think about purchase codes.

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If you are not add purchase code then, You’re legend to buyers :joy: :star_struck: #joke
But for your privacy its good to your item and safe too.

it is not mandatory. Your item approval will depend on the quality.
It can prevent customer to use/install your theme for multiple domain. So, it will be good idea to ad it in your theme but you can add it after get approval (near future).