Is product that works with adult website allowed in marketplace?

I have Video Downloader plugin for WordPress and few of my buyers have inquired about adding support for adult websites.

Is it allowed to have product with features that works with adult website in Envato marketplace?

Looks like nobody cared…

Can somebody in @Envato team answer? @collis what’s you word on this!

I have downloader script that works with various websites, and there have been people who have been demanding compatibility with adult sites, which every service(video) website can be turned-of/on by the buyer any-time from download.

You would need to ask support (you won’t get an official answer here) Envato Authors Help and Support

But typically anything relating to adult websites would not be allowed

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I think the issue here is that you would likely not be able to promote your product as being created for or compatible with adult sites. So even though you add the feature you wouldn’t be able to advertise it.