Is Payoneer a reliable payout method? [Spoiler: nope]

Sorry to ask , friend. Will they send you an another card instead of the “locked” one, or else? Thanks a lot.

Yes, They will. They also offered me to unlock the old card until new one arrives.
The only issue is, we were able to rule out the issue after about 40 minutes of personal talk to life chat manager (that also involved sort of due diligence procedure). This is not something that is always possible when you are traveling and have no stable internet connection. And something that their email support failed to do in a week.

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Thanks for your reply, good news, it’s great to hear that your issue is solved without any further trouble.

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Yeah, when staff is really willing to help, it results in much faster issues solving :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone, I just would like to share my opinion about this payoneer. Whenever I keep suggesting to my clients to pay me through PAYONEER. This payoneer always keep asking my personal details like passport or any kind of id. Unfortunately, all of my ID are expired and the money of my client already been hanging for over a week already.

Payoneer won’t send me the money until I’m verified. Been using payoneer for over 6 YEARS and yet they keep asking me this kind of details. This is my 5th times to send a passport to them.

They always delay the pay and it just that it’s very bad timing that my passport was already expired. I can’t even renew my passport at a time like this because the release of a new passport will take a month and i cant get a new postal id also because it will take also for over 15 to 30 days too.

Now I’m about to email them to cancel the payment and I’m going to use paypal from now on.


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Yay! In a half a year card is blocked again. The same reason: was used in ATM with a “schemer”. The funny part is this card was never ever used in any ATM :slight_smile: Payoneer live chat is offline (as usual).

Wow this time it was not that bad! Card was unblocked immediately and I did not had to wait a week as previous time :slight_smile:

I highly recommend to drop Payoneer they have totally unsecure system prone to be hacked, I had 2 fraudulent charges on my debit card.
Now Payoneer and parent company Ubiquity (Dispute Processing Service overseas) are trying to make it nearly impossible for me to file a dispute.

May 19 I was contacted by Payoneer regarding 2 flagged suspicious transactions for total amount of $ 1382.72. I immediately called Customer Service (CS) to stop them and block my card.
Their CS did not advised me at that time, to take no action and stated: they would initiate an investigation on these claims and get back to me.

Jun 29 I called for a follow up, Payoneer admitted the 2 transactions were debited to my card. Although my card was blocked, they can only identify but cannot reverse fraudulent charges.
They advised me: I should have filed a dispute in May I only have 60 days window to file a dispute form.

Jul 6 I filed the dispute forms by email and called in to get a confirmation: Payoneer received it and no more action from my side is expected.

Jul 10 I received an email from Payoneer: In order to dispute a transaction made with your Payoneer card, kindly contact the service line under the toll-free number 1-855-398-5124
I disregard this note as I had already filed my dispute forms and it was received.

Sep 16 I call back CS for a follow up and I am being informed they have outsources the dispute center to company Ubiquity and I have to contact them.

Sep 19 I contact Ubiquity, they ask me to re-file the forms all over again. They email me the form but they only accept claims by FAX or Regular Mail.

Payoneer is reliable but their support is bad. They mostly missed many support tickets and they reply after 3 or 4 emails.

I am using payoneer never had any problem like this. Its pretty secure. Now they offer direct bank transfer and card is almost useless for me.

I agree with you totally and totally disappointed on payoneer behavior

for me everything works fine

I got my last payment on feb 15 and I didn’t encounter any issues at all.

Been using Payoneer for more than 2 years with zero issues. Low fees and the money is processed fast.

Payoneer is not reliable.
No matter how many years you have been using they will block your account without any reason.
And you never know how many years it takes to solve.

That’s not true, I haven’t experience any problems with them at all.

You will find lot of posts regarding payoneer’s block.

They’ll only block you if they find any suspicious activity on your account. You should make sure that your account was properly verified to prevent such blocking problems.

If they find any suspicious activity they can block. But doesn’t mean they keep blocking months after months.
And if you contact with support they answer we will solve with in few days but they don’t. You have no idea how horrible they are