Is our theme accepted by the themeforest?

We’re curious about your opinion.


First of all no one can give you guarantee it will approved.
Envato themeforest are looking for unique & aesthetic design from all of author if it will match with themeforest quality standard hope getting approved.
Your work is looking good try with submitting hope you will get good feedback.

Good Luck


A little chance for approval. Sorry!


Tahnk you…

Tahnk you.

Is there anything you can recommend?

Sorry… your template not approved… you need practice more for approved.


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To be honest, I really like the style

What I can say it does need some small refinements here and there to make it perfect! I’d say upload it and get feedback from the reviewer but, here are some tips from me! :slight_smile:

  • The footer is uncentered ( copyrighted area )
  • Ad size dimension 370x370 is not standardized. Search for ad standards
  • There are small issues with element visual hierarchy here and there.

You can see that the top of the page got more attention than the bottom of it! Overall it has potential, but it needs some more love before it gets there.

This is my personal opinion as an Author, and not one of a Official Reviewer or Envato Staff Representative, therefore, it doesn’t guarantee approval.


Thank you :slight_smile:

With what I understand, I made corrections.

I will try this way.