Is My Theme TypoGraphy Good? Or Need to Improve.

I am ready to upload a Wordpress Multipurpose Theme all things are good like envato theme check plugin dont have any error validation is also good just need to know about typography and visual Hierarchy.
Can Anyone Help -

It’s really need improvement much more.
Yo have to more focusing on Spacing, White Space, Readability, Style Tips and etc.

Yes i am understand you have any artical where i get more details about this or if you have a small time for me it is possible to draw something on my home page screenshot and send it too me so i can understand batter, Sorry for the stupid demand but i need to make it perfect.
Dont mind.

This are just example:


Style Tips:



(hover style)



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thankyou very much for this, is there any way or your contact so if i want to hire you its possible?