Is my project unattractive or does it take a while?

Hey guys,

I don’t want to advertise my project but I’ve got a few questions about the selling.

Well, in my eyes it’s a good quality, so I’m not selfish and talking about an extreme good quality :blush:

But is it quite normal that at the first days after uploading it there have been no buys so far? Or does it take a while until the first people buy it?

I came to the point that I wouldn’t buy myself a product that freshly came out with no sells and ratings. But does everyone really think so?

Let me know your opinion guys! I’d really love to hear from my buyers any recommended improvements to keep my hope up.

Thanks a lot and don’t see that as an self promotion. Just don’t look at my product and think about this yourselves how you’ve gone through this stage with your products. I’d really like to hear it.

Regards, eliteCode :blush:

With respect the demo is not the most visually appealing but I would have thought that the main challenge you have is that it is a niche category item - there will be no where near the volume of people looking for a ticketing tool as for example a creative WordPress theme


Alright thanks for your honest answer. I will take focus on creating a better UI.

Another point that I may ask you, what categories are in your opinion the better ones and what type of products would you recommend to make?

Again thanks a lot. This will help me :blush:

I guess those categories which are more common items e.g. galleries, etc. but of course these will be more crowded so you have to bring something unique