Is my item eligible for GraphicRiver?

@n2n44 , @DesignSomething

It’s good start but you should add more effects (lights etc)

-> change the background (this one looks too much “clipart”, should be more interesting, this is new year flyer so maybe some fireworks?)

-> change/remove this violet curtains on the left and right side (again looks like clip art, I woud replace them with some other effects)

-> change 2020 (make other effect and try other font, this one don’t looks good

-> try to avoid light effects under the letters in the bottom (makes them unreadable)

-> Try more colors (violet and pink make this work looks too “mono”, maybe try amaranth + blue / aqua + black or white [it depends on colors intesity you use], now your design is lack of contrast - also consider gold and dark colors for contrast, new years party is special, so colors should be special :slight_smile: )

-> maybe change the lady in the picture for one with more energy and smile (this one looks like have hangover now)

-> try other font and add more content to make it more interesting.

I had only 10 minutes so this is my quick review for you :slight_smile: (in this condition your work will be probably rejected).

All above is only my personal opinion so you can consider it or not :slight_smile:

peace and good luck :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much.

This will be rejected 100%. You have many issues.

  1. Title and subtitle fonts doesn’t work together at all. Title effect is outdated.
  2. Composition is off and looks cramped.
  3. Elements are to close to margins
  4. Model position looks funny
  5. You you way to many effects. In fact you just grab effects from internet and added.
  6. That city picture behind is low res
  7. The overall color makes entire flyer unreadable
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this maybe a rather cool start but there is a good collection of things to improve indeed … not to mention that this item reminds me greatly of something that i have already seen somewhere else …

the start maybe rather cool as expressed by paul @Novocaina but the fact of the matter is that there a good deal of things that are not ok yet … and unless u fix it all , this would be very unlikely that u can make it with this item …

1- deja vu
sorry to ay just that but i remember seeing something very much alike somewhere , did u really do it by yourself? if u are wdownloading something from someone and vaguely editing this is not a good way to do … if not sorry for saying …

2- realistic details
this is very important there is a true impact on what u do and the final result … at this stage what u have here is too raw … u need to introduce shadows and so on so that people “can buy it” and “believe in the story u are telling them”

3- alignment
why flagging texts in the middle and not aligning the sub title and flagging it on the right? it makes no sense at all …

4- contrast
in other conditions maybe it would be ok to have not too much contrast between the title and the background , even if it does not help to get the item approved but here the is hardly readable …

5- readability
most of the color choices for the texts maybe not the best ones or u failed to introduce shadows behind texts so that they are simply readable … u should BTW take out the small lights under the texts as they distract from reading or make the text unreadable …

6- arc of light
for me this is too raw u need to find a way so that this is melting much more

7- model
i know that some guys manage to have the thing accepted all the same but the model looks way too sexy (even if this not much) for here and this is not likely that u can go through without having to change the model first … besides, sorry to tell u how i feel about this but the picture and the woman are definitely not attractive and nit selling you design …

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