Is my design style ok?


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I will to add 1 column in “new jobs”?

New Jobs is fine. I was more concerned with Best Prices

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Thank you… I will to fix some

I will to add 4 columns the best prices?

You have to try many solutions.

I can see on your profile that this is not your first template.

How was it with the previous templates? Were they rejected too?

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approved my psd and html but not good sales.

you can see my profile tf

I not have time for job in themeforest because now I am working in company my country. I can job themeforest part time

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I saw your profile.

Unfortunately, now the dominant feature is extensive Wordpress templates that can be purchased for a few dollars. I am currently not convinced of creating small templates.

Unless it’s a group of graphic designers and programmers who produce templates like a car factory.

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Yes, iwill to make wordpress

The design style is good.
Other thing which is very important for every developer is dpa meaning. Of course is you value your privacy. The design is a first major step, but definitely not everything.


I think Wordpress is hard to build because there is a lot of selection and it’s hard to notice what is actually accepted.

Recently, a friend of mine and I tried to put together a WordPress Theme, but unfortunately it failed because we had feedback on new issues every time.

We created WordPress with Elementor but failed to approve. We made 6 attempts, I think, and each of them ended with a soft rejection, and then a hard rejection.

I would love to work with someone who knows WP, but I don’t have time to deal with it at the moment.

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How can I help you?

I am very expert to wordpress, but i can job only weekend

Great! Good to know. So maybe someday we will try to do something together :slight_smile:

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Yes i can help u

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Regardless of format and the issues with the design of this landing page, while @artbart is right that this page should inform wider colour combinations etc. there is also no way you can submit just this front/landing page, and will need to design and/or code a lot more.

A) you have so many links in the navigation to other pages and features like registration which you need to construct otherwise it just feels lazy and unfinished

B) a job site advertising roles in different categories needs to have a listings page, individual role page, candidate profile etc.


Not is landing page, i make multi pages, but yet not is ready for upload themeforest

Yeah, its cool and catchy.