Is my design style ok?

Hello to all:

I think that my style is too old, it’s ok?

Please give me comments my design because I need change some my design.

I think that my style design year 2015

my other is better design style

The idea may be good, but the background is too motley, it blends with the rest of the whole layout.

Examine these background graphics. Maybe you need to replace it with some photos or use graphics, but so that they are in one key and do not interfere with the message of information that contains individual sections.

For me, the biggest problem is the background and colors, but there is also typography. Here too many changes have to be made.

You absolutely need to work on typography. The text cannot be exploded. Use center justification and a larger margin.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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Thank you… I will to fíx

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Where my design?


My last design colors is:

blue,blue clear, green, blue dark, white?

it’s good colors?

I think that each color is appropriate, but you need to match it properly. Try to make a new color scheme and show it here.

Did you only design this one view? Do you have other pages for this template?

If you have more subpages, can you show them?

Now i am working in company, this weekend i will to fix my page, i will make more pages

Don’t do more, just focus on that one main page. We will see what the style of your template will be and only later you will be able to proceed to the next subpages.

I think this solution will be much better.

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If landing page is not good sales, i can make more pages.


It’s better now?


It seems to be better though some sections still need some extra attention.

Try to do something about the “video” section, this dark overlay and the inscription are haunting me. Maybe it needs to be shown in another way.

In footer, I am also not convinced of this ring with opening hours. It might be fun, but I think it needs a little more refinement.

“New jobs” section - The boxes have very thick frames, you may need to reduce this.

The “best prices” section is cool, it distinguishes itself from the classic designs but needs more attention. You have to somehow better arrange the text.

The map section is probably one of the biggest problems. You need to spend more time here.

The partner section is also nice, but you have to analyze the colors.

I guess you need to rethink the color layout throughout your project.

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Thank you!!! I wil lto be fix some

I not understand.


This section needs more attention. I think that the graphic element of the map itself is a bit clunky, heavy.

The color scheme is fine, the red and navy blue elements are the most suitable here. The orange color does not necessarily fit here, and certainly not its shape. I think the shapes matching up here are squares twisted 45 degrees.

I mean, this section is interesting and stands out from the classic sections, but you need to fine-tune the text inside the boxes so that they don’t appear in two columns? There is a problem here that needs to be solved in some way.

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I can add 3 columns?

I think you need to use one column here for it to have a logical appearance, but this will bring us closer to the standard layout.

You must try. You definitely need to think about the colors so that it looks nice and rugged.

What program are you working in?

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