Is my design idea qualitative? Please guide me

Super Connection Logo is my own design

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You can submit and see the results

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Thank you so much for your comment :blush:

has been Hard rejected but why ,pls help me

It’s a logo based on “SC” character and this is a limitation on sales. If you’re company doesn’t have SC characters , like SX, you cannot use it.

Why not follow the rules of submission. Which is a template? You can suggest me some templates that I have to follow. Which is the exact rule of the Summit. please help me


Hard Reject says the same design over and over again with the same mail, but doesn’t understand where the main problem is? Is it just a problem with design or template or file management or something else?
What are the main reasons for design rejection?

I have the same problem bro. I have the same questions in my mind like you have