Is my blog theme ready to upload?



Hi everyone,

I almost finished my first wordpress theme and I need some feedback about design and functionality.
What do you think - is there any chance to get approved? What I should improve?

Here a few demos:


Looks promising but Market is been flooded with these kind of themes, nothing unique in here. Now days reviewers have become too choosy in terms in design. I suggest adding some unique touches in your design like in header/footer and posts section. Good Luck!


Thanks for your advice! I’ve included a lot of options with various home page styles, single post styles, portfolio, etc. You can see links to different styles in header menu. Or it’s doesn’t matter for reviewer and theme must be unique in some small details? Here a page with theme options -


Yes, i have gone through them and do appreciate your efforts. This definitely add premium content to your theme no doubts but the main thing a reviewer looks for is the creativity and uniqueness in the design and that depends on the individual who first see the front page of the theme. Your design looks good to me but that doesn’t matter as i won’t be accepting and rejecting it finally. I suggest you to upload it for review as i see more chances of soft rejection than hard reject. Good Luck!


Thanks, I will be working on uniqueness.


More suggestions?