Is .mov the only format video footage can be downloaded in from Envato?


Is .mov the only file format video footage can be purchased and downloaded in Envato? I was looking for mp4. Downloading the preview is in mp4, so I assumed the final purchased product would be mp4 as well. But the final purchased product is in .mov, and I couldn’t find anywhere that forewarns you of this.


Mov only, but different codecs. You can easily convert to mp4 with free converters


The codec shows in the info box on the item page. Far enough, it only says ‘Photo JPEG’ rather than ‘MOV Photo JPEG’, but I’m not sure if you can get Photo JPEG in any other kind of container, to be fair.

If you’re looking for smaller file sizes then you can convert with free editing software, go for H.264 files which are still MOV but should be a bit smaller, or if the worst comes to the worst you could contact the author… I’m sure some would be happy to convert it for you if it makes the difference between you buying the item or not buying the item.