Is "Made with Envato" Still Supported?

I am wondering if the “Made with Envato” is still supported? I see that they say that you there will be 10x $100 winners monthly, but when I click on the Made with Envato post, the last time any Envato employee has posted a winner was back in June/July of this year.

You click on the “view previous winners” and they don’t have any new posts for any winners since the middle of 2018.

Did they stop supporting this? Why is it still promoted so heavily on the homepage of Envato Elements if its not being supported anymore?

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Good question. Maybe @BenLeong or @KingDog can give some info on this?

Hi @Mastemine! We paused the MWE contest for a while (and removed the Elements promotion spot), but it was recently added back to the Elements homepage again. We’ll be posting a large new batch of winners from Audio/Video, Web and Graphic categories this Friday.

There’s also a batch of prizes for the Elements category scheduled for tomorrow morning, but it might be ready to post later on today - I’ll check with the judges to see if I can post it a bit earlier than planned.


Great news! Thank you for the fast response!