Is item name, details not important for reviewer to check before approving it?

I just found out this one where Item title is different, item preview thumbnails is different and item description is different.

Is this allowed here in Themeforest? As a buyer I guess its missleading because its a shopify theme but in preview thumbnail it says its HTML 5 template and in later down details it says its WordPress WooCommerce theme :slight_smile:

Above points are just my thoughts and just want to know community thoughts too.

That’s a bit funny but it happens. I suggest you to contact the author to fix the mistakes. If it’s not fixed within a week, you can contact the Envato Support to report the problem

Thank you. But this is not my question, my question is isn’t the reviewer needs to check this before publishing the item[at least have a quick look over these stuffs]?

Even if they check, they cannot follow your changes. You can modify the details without confirmation (their approval)
It’s not their job/responsibility, it’s authors responsibility to provide the details about the items

So you mean to say reviewer don’t check item details? BTW the screenshot I took is of a fresh item which was approved just few hours ago :slight_smile: but now i can see the author has updated the preview thumbnail.

My only concern is that Reviewer should check the item details atleast during the approval, after that yes its authors responsibility.

I myself got soft reject for my WP just because of this, as we stated template instead of theme in the theme description. (FYI, I even got soft rejection for a reason of wrong dictation & Grammar… from an English Reviewer)
And you know reviewer is also a human, and they made mistake & may sometimes work spontaneously at some situation and sometime we work very hard on it.
In most cases, their advises are correct to improve your item.

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They check the item details ( on the approval process ) but you can modify the details without their approval after.
In that way, they have to check 30k themes/templates everyday. It’s not possible

I am not saying that reviewer should review ever items detail every time its updated, here my only point is that the reviewer whoever reviewed this item he did not review the item details. @ki-themes I hope you did not review this item :slight_smile:

I’m not working at Envato :slight_smile:

Just stating that after working long hours, as an author, sometimes even I miss some small issues

How long had it been live when you saw it. It may have been fine on review and details were altered as soon as it was live. It’s probably more likely the reviewer missed it, but it’s still a possibility.

Nothing serious… I saw and thought it would be good if i post here in forum :slight_smile:

Copy and paste habit :slight_smile: Authors are so busy in developing themes that they dont have time to write item details :slight_smile:

Theme development and design ( also promo design ) takes serious time but writing the content for the item is totally different thing. Not 100% about copy/paste but you need to have special skills to be able to describe the project as well

It’s another part of the job, even there’re people who’s offering “content writing” for this

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