Is it worth uploading?

Hi there folks, what do you think is it good for AJ or not?

Hi, it is a bit messy, but sounds interesting, I would add some melody in the background to give this song some more dynamic, anyways it’s good.

I think it’s nice and imho AJ worhty. Only I would take the marimba (or what it is) out at 0.41 and 0:53, but maybe you added it for a special purpose.
Good luck!

@MarcinKlosowski Yep, guess i’ll improve it a little.
@AASMusicWorks it’s not marimba :slight_smile: just simple music box added to make accent when shown Harley Quinn in this tv spot.
Thanks guys, for your comments.

hhahahah we totally synced today !
Its really nice !in my opinion make it more impactful !
check mine from a few days back !

also the melodic partat 0:09 ! dont fit with the sound design

You bet :slight_smile:
I’ll try to make it sound a little bit wildy with a spicy insanity added with music box and rework some section in joker\harley quinn style;
I like your track, it’s more classical and deeply atmospheric in a beginning, but you banged my head off in the end :wink:

hah thanx man ! also this track is in my portfolio ! so make it impactful and upload ! :wink:

@WolfSound you’re welcome! :wink:

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