Is it worth to update old After Effects projects?

What is your experience? Is it worth to update old projects or they are lost forever in a crowd of new and upcoming templates? Personally i’ve updated few old items (graphics was too old) and i’m planning to update more but it seems there is no sales, what happens with our old items?
Here is the sample of an updated item and how it looks like today, but unfortunately no effect:

Old design:

New design:

I was thinking about updating some old projects in the beginning of this year too :slight_smile: Updates I have done before have not affected the sales though .

I think it’s worth if the old item is popular (many sales in this year/month, or many pageviews).
But if your item is lost in search and only few people can find it, your update doesn’t make any effect on sales. Better decision would be to recreate your old item and publish it as a new project.

UPD: And personally I like your old design more then new one.

I updated my old 720 project to full hd :slight_smile: @miseld did you got some website where I can promote my items?

Right now there is affiliate competition for returning buyers, i’ve changed landing pages, i can promote it in a few week only.

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You know that you are not eligible to win prizes in that competition as an affiliate who is also an author, right?

Not sure why but we authors are not allowed to play with the other kids :confused:

Damn Tobi :frowning: didn’t knew that because they use term “Authoring Affiliates” i was wondering what that means, now it’s clear…

If you’re gonna change the design completely you might as well just upload it as a new item.

If you just want to slightly tweak the old design it won’t make much of a difference i think. Me personally, i don’t think i’ll ever update old projects, unless it’s a broadcast pack or something and i just add new elements to it

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