is it worth to build wordpress version for this template?


i am looking for some insight about this template to be build on WordPress or not since building a theme require good amount of time and efforts so appreciate views on it.


First you should make sure that this HTML version is properly optimized for all screens. For example Destination listings look horrible on my 2560x1440 screens. Majority of your subpages do not look good here. You should wrap your content into some wrapper and limit the max width and seriously test it on something bigger than you developed it on. I can’t even imagine how it must look on 4k monitors which are starting to be pretty common nowadays. I am surprised the reviews haven’t caught this.

Other than that it is ok.
Also I’ve noticed you’ve already have similar WP theme in you portfolio so I guess you are not new to WP development. However, I’ve also noticed not so great reviews of that theme and honestly, unless you can step up your quality then developing a WP version (or any other WP theme) is a waste of time. I would generally advise to focus on quality instead of quantity of the portfolio. Creating a WP theme and then basically abandon it after few updates is waste of your time and waste of money for your customers. Not properly supported WP theme is worthless.

truly appreciate your feedback and will work towards it.