Is it unique or premium?

I created three hero sections in figma.


your design is a long way from good quality, you have to practice a lot to improve your designs, the same thing happened to me as you, greetings.

Thanks for your opinion

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Can you tell me exactly where is problem please?
Spacing and font?

It is nearly the same sections, I recommend to create way more different layouts


SPACING: measures same top and bottom.
TYPOGRAPHY you need improve fonts, size, colors, etc (you title “I’m James…” is very thin font
You need more creative design more beautiful… (you can add like geometric, etc)

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Yes, it’s not unique design.

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I will work on it tomorrow

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good luck…

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Good luck to you then

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Looks like a free template done in hurry. This is far away from a premium design.

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Yes, it’s design free that want “download free”

His question was whether the design was unique or premium.
Sorry @JeriTeam but I don’t really understand your reply.

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I wanted to tell you that design is a free template means you want to download a free template, do you understand me?

I don’t want to download any free template. I just answered the thread’s title question.

You did not understand me … it does not matter forget it

You shouldn’t deleted reply

why? If you don’t understand me

@Customa he thinks that only I can make and learn designs, nobody can’t learn designs.

I am new designer and I want to learn designs and creative.

Very disappointed

Which one is best for font?
Baseline means 8 points or golden ratio?
I am confused.

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