Is it unique or premium and which is better?

I created hero sections in figma.

Hello, they are the same, it is better to change the whole layout if you want to introduce different variations.

In my opinion the first is better, because you have colorfull design so the colorfull images fits to such concept while grey images achieving absolute different purpose.

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Commercial potential is too low. Why someone will buy this when there are tones of free similar geometric mosaic patterns? Anyone can add some pictures and text next to that mosaic.

Send your designs

Where is your portfolio?

No reply, I am waiting

Why do you need my portfolio?

I want to see your work

You think that only I can make and learn designs, nobody can’t learn designs

I sell on a different marketplace. Posting my portfolio here means self promotion which is against forum rules. Anyway this is not about my portfolio.

If you don’t like my opinion no problem just ignore it and I will never comment in your topics.

@Customa first you must approved on themeforest then you can comments.

You don’t need to be a professional designer or have items approved in specific categories to have an opinion.

I agree with what has been said. There just isn’t enough originality or complexity to this design to be commercially valuable. Not saying that it doesn’t look nice, because it does. There just isn’t enough here to justify being a premium product. In fact, while looking on a free vector website, I found a mosaic pattern that’s nearly identical to the one you used.

I just want approved, just tell me if I work on it so will it be premium in one word?


With respect - no it’s not especially premium. Take the stock pattern out (you cannot share that) and it is just some text, with questionable font choice.

But, in terms of your desire to be approved there is a lot more to consider…

  1. You don’t need to be professional, but you do need to understand fundamental design and web basics

  2. To master a decent level of skill and experience typically takes at least months if not years of study and practice. Based on what you submitted/shared recently, you are not going to go jump from there to properly experienced in 2 weeks.

  3. Designs need to be premium quality, but they also need to unique, original, competitive, not reply on stock assets, not be over inspired by others etc. It is not as easy as just creating a design that follows best practice and assuming that will be approved.

  4. It is very dangerous to assume that because someone does not sell items here, that they are not a good judge of items. I know of several people who do not sell any items yet who are international industry leaders in what they do.

  5. Sharing element by element is not a good idea. Firstly, you need to be able to determine what is premium quality and what is not. Second, one element on its own is pointless (and highlights a lack of experience). It matters greatly how an element fits within the complete design, layout etc.

6. Success here takes investment in time, effort, learning both creative skills but also how the marketplace works.

It also requires a level of respect for envato and other authors. The more you rush and fixate on approval or even worse, sales, the quicker you will fail, and the more frustrated you will become.


Being rude doesn’t help you at all!
This is not premium, looks very amateurish.
This will be 100% rejected.

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Leat 4 years I try to approved but not,
I am disabled person

Kindly share with me

I will create one page

You need to go back and learn the basics in web design otherwise it is possible to spend another 4 years and many rejections. Working just to get approved without understanding the fundamentals of design it’s a big mistake. Just copying without understanding the design rules it is like working in blind.

Where is rules?
Where should I learn it?