Is it to likely reject the poster ???

Hello my friends. What about this poster? Is it accepted, or rejected and what are the reasons ???

here are 3 aspect where I see room for improvement:

  • The typography looks a bit too simple and could have some more variety in font, size, color etc.
  • The effects behind the character look quite unrealistic and pixelated in some areas
  • The overall color and light range could be improved. Right now it looks a bit dark and flat.

Thank You My Friend​:blush::blush:

hi u have no chance in hell to get this accepted, sorry to say just this but i 'd better tell u the ugly truth … the thing is that this is lacking a lot of texts … where are the texts positioned to put the actors and actresses, the logos, and so on … at this stage u have everything but a movie poster …
for me the other problem is that there is no prevailing element … the guy should be outstanding and same goes with the title and all seems to be merged into a sort of a one-piece thing …
in addition, think about it , if u tae out the model there is nothing left or lookalike nothing left and thus why would people buy it so to speak …


Thank You So Much My Friend :call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

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happy to help u :slight_smile: good luck for the next step, start reworking with your basis, if u can fix things well , indeed u have a chance to get accepted :slight_smile:

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