Is it the bad composition or mixing issues? Or both reasons?

Just a simple sentimental waltz.
Maybe too much simple?
I tried not to make it much complicated and orchestrated.
So, the problem is with the arrangement or with sound quality?
Please, find some time to give me your opinion…

The composition is beautiful. Nice moving chords progression. The solo violin would need to be better programmed. We can hear some sample repetitions which don’t sound realistic. Notes need to be better connected in lines. If you have a sample too slow to start, slide it more early. Strings ensemble sounds too static in volume and expression. Arrangement are too empty.

On the mix side, you need more reverb. It sounds very dry and the instruments don’t blend. Put them in a huge space. Your piano sounds muffled (lack high end). I don’t say make it really bright but just a bit more definition for it to sounds more open.

Overall it sounds like it’s not finish. Again your definitely good at composition. Look to improve arrangement, MIDI programming, mixing and mastering. Watch live musicians and tutorials.

I hope it helps! :slight_smile:

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Yes, I beleive your suggestions will definitely help me to improve. You know, for me, as a beginner, who isn’t confident in any component of his work it’s hard to understand, which component deserves much more attention than the others. Thank you very much for your time and patience to write so delicate and useful post! I’m planning to rework this item and maybe in future I would like to hear your opinion on reworked item if you don’t mind.

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Of course you can ask me for my opinion in the future if you wish. :slight_smile:

Hi, here’s the reworked version, I’ve tried to take into account all of your comments.
Please, let me know, did you mean the changes like this, or maybe I went the wrong way?

This new version sounds better! :slight_smile: The pizzicato is a nice add. The strings ensemble is more expressive. I would make it sounds less thin (give them more mid and low end a bit). You could add a bit more reverb wet signal I think (at least on the solo violin). I would suggest you put your solo violin in the center.

You have still some solo violin notes too slow and others that start too early. Try to get a more constant volume with it too. Some notes are almost inaudible. It’s not easy to program a realistic line for sure with samples. Listen to live solo violonist. I personnally use two or more MIDI tracks for one melodic or harmonic line. Notes jump from one track to the other. Why? It gives me space to adjust notes attack with controller MIDI 7-11 (volume-expression) in avoiding to cut the ending release of the preceding note. Next time I open a session, I will take screenshots of this for you.

Thank you once more for your cool suggestions. You really help me to move forward - to the better sound!
I would be very interesting for me to take a look at your screenshots and try to rework the solo violin the way you advise.

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