Is it really hard to get approved?


Well, referring to this thread: Audiojungle Memes LOL
I mean… I uploaded a track one day ago, so it is still in queque. I used a “creative” name, so nothing as “Inspirational Song”, “Corporate” or whatever. The song is a pretty one, it’s pretty short (1:31) but it’s unique and sonds pretty good, at least for me.

Reading all these threads that are asking why they have been rejected I’m asking myself: “So, it is really hard to get approved, uh?”. At this point I start feeling that my track will never get approved. And so I’m asking you… what are the “true” indications to follow in order to get you track approved, here on AJ? :smile:

Thanks in advance for any reply!


Make sure its pretty steady and not constantly changing. If you picked a track right out from an action scene of a movie and uploaded it would probably get rejected because it keeps changing, trying to match everything that is going on on screen. Obviously its commercial quality but would still get rejected. It would also get rejected due to copyright but that’s another matter.


What about “creative names” vs “standard names”? I mean … I named my track “One Big Explosion”. It would have been better with a name like “Corporate and Inspirational” or something like that?

PS: I already produced commercial music, but I’m trying to figure out if is there are some real advices you should follow in order to get apporved or not.


Its swings and roundabouts with the title. You can have a keyword based title which may get more hits but you’ll have the problem where everyone else alongside you has pretty much the same name. Or you can have an interesting title which people feel intrigued to click on and open but it might not get as many hits due to the slight lack of keyword optimisation.