is it quality standard design?? need your feedback

still now i not uploaded this design. after get your feedback then i decided i uploaded it or not.please give your valuable comments. if this design are not quality standard then where need to modify. Thanks

hi , i am sorry to say just this, do not feel bad about it pls, but for me this is clearly not quality standard and for multiple reasons …

1- global style
this is lacking graphic design and originality , at this stage this is too flat and the design consists in some circle with a picture inside …

2- alignment
have a look at the text is aligned in the circle … this is not executed properly

3- typo
this is lacking font combinations, originality and there is an impact on what u have done here … this looks definitely too flat , nothing is popping out

4- dates
u have no way to valued all the dates right now, plus there are sideway information that could be welcome that is missing too …

5- hierarchy
as for me u did not value what necessarily need to be , think about what is important and value this part …

Thanks for your feedback