Is it possible to transfer items from another account to a new account?

I work under an agency which has several envato accounts that have items based on their own categories.

Currently the leader asks me to place all items in 1 account, can these items be transferred to a new account?

I am happy to be able to join as part of this forum.

Unfortunately transfer of items between accounts is not possible


Thank you charlie4282, I have also asked Envato that for now it is not possible because of automatic synchronization permanently when the user checkout.

yeah indeed, we do not know why! after all , once again this is not as if items had not been approved for sale, once again this is bringing a restriction to author freedom, apart from a small time dedicated to review, i do not know which wrong thing is brought to te table if so …

In my opinion, this will be considered depending on the user’s own request.

Maybe in the future they will apply for transfers like some similar services.

if i were u i would not bet on this lol

hahahaha… I think so.
but I only think of a few possibilities.

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