Is it possible to switch from one Classima Theme to Another

I don’t know if this is the appropriate place to ask my question. I contracted a professional to design a classified ads website for me and he used “Unregistered” classima theme for me. He didn’t tell me this before he did the work and later discovered this because i couldn’t installed some plugins that i wanted with this theme. I cannot also updated the theme itself because it is asking for keys. I need registered and Pro theme and there is why i want to know If buying another classima theme will not destroy the work on the site. Or can I just buy key for theme and update the theme. If i buy another classima theme and switch to it will it break my site?

You could buy your own license and add that p/code BUT you need to be clear how any modifications or customisations were made as updating could overwrite these if they have not been implemented correctly

Pls can you give direct link to where i can buy the key? I could not even use multi currency plugin and one or two other plugins on the theme.


  1. Are the plugins you have had issues with included by default or are they third parties which you have installed?

  2. As mentioned above you need to check how any modifications have been made - if your dev has modified the core files then updating could easily overwrite this and make it very difficult to reinstate.