Is it possible to search with exclusion keywords?


Example, I want folk/acoustic music but want to remove all those happy/inspirational songs flooding the results. I tried searching for -happy but that didn’t work. Can I do this?


Hi @planckfilm try to write in search word or words folk/acoustic folk - search show you latest items with title “folk/acoustic music” :slight_smile:


Yeah I know how to search, I just want to know if I can search for results that do not contain certain words, like happy and inspirational-


@planckfilm try in tags search choose as you can more tags without this words. I don’t know :laughing: I think without happy and inspirational - this is impossible :slight_smile:this is the most popular tags :laughing:


I’m gonna lose my mind if I have to hear more ukulele songs with clapping and whistling…


But what are you looking? You try to search “Folk” and set the search on best match?


It’s kinda’ right what you’re saying @E-soundtrax but the second you try to refine that search and move into best sellers of the folk genre ,it all goes out the window and you move swiftly back into the world of ukuleles, toddlers playing high pitched xylophones, whistling milkmen and handclaps.


Here you go, maybe not what you’re looking for but acoustic tracks that aren’t “over the top” happy. :stuck_out_tongue:


If you remove ‘inspirational’ then you’ve essentially removed the whole audiojungle library. :slight_smile:


You can!) :grinning: