Is it possible to remove extended license

Is it possible to remove extended license from my item Multivendor - Lowest Unique Auction and Bidding Platform Script by WowCodes

as it makes users confusing for both license, so i just want to keep regular license

No because that would prevent buyers from using it in the way that the extended license is required

but for my items i want to have a single merged license

That would require adjusting all of envato’s licensing and legal terms and paperwork which obviously cannot happen.

If you want to do that then you need to become a non exclusive author and sell items on your own website or marketplace.

You can disable Extended license on your “all items”

Extended License
If unchecked, applicable items will only be offered for sale under the more limited Regular License.

Apart from that, your item details page has some false advertising such as " #1 Auction & Bidding App"
If you don’t remove/fix these issues, your item may be removed if it’s reported.

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It was there from day one of listing and codecanyon review team approved it with that. Still do i need to remove that? if yes, i will

It’s not review team’s job ( usually ) to check the content but they may have missed it. You should consider to remove it, yes.

Same rules applies as on your other thread/post ( can we use the word )

Sure, we have done it, is it okay now?

Sure, it looks better.

Thanks for the feedback :blush:
If you have any other feedback for us, kindly let me know