Is it possible to make on one track $ 1 million?

What is the maximum you earn 1 track?
For example, my maximum income from the track Funny about $ 400

Dear authors Audio Jungle - share your experience of sales
Sorry for my English - I write through an interpreter )))

Or rather more interesting.
Very often, the hits are born spontaneously, literally within hours. And very well sold. And it so happens that writing one track takes many days - and the result is zero. Does your portfolio such tracks - hits, born a couple of hours?

95$ so far was my best.

Hey Max,
You can get an overall picture by looking at the bestseller tracks in audiojungle.
So far the all-time best seller has around 9000 sales, which translate into around (** edited* *) 120,000$.

$500,000??? No, it becomes around $120,000. A few extended licenses and it can be a bit more, but most sales were for less than $19 so it probably balances out to around $120k.

That is of course very, very good though. :slight_smile:

Ops, my bad , I was translating it to the currency of where I live, You’re right!