Is it possible that Envato will reject my first script to share videos and stream live?

Hello guys, previously I have been here asking questions and asking for help to clarify some things, today I can say that I have solved all the problems that I have had and I am preparing the server at this moment to upload the demo, but before sending this script A review I would like to receive a feedback since this is my first project, this to know if it is possible that my script is rejected and if so, what would be the reason?

I have developed this project without including third-party libraries such as JQuery, Booststrap, among others. I have used pure JavaScript and developed my own stylesheet, so it took more time, I have also used Mediaelementplayer but I have customized it, I have added multiple additional functions and removed everything I did not need to offer something of excellent quality and comply with Envato standards, over time I have added some things in terms of security, to prevent theft of audiovisual material and thus protect the content of users.

This script has multiple options, although not all of them are reflected in the images that I will share. When the demo is ready I will leave them here if you require it so that they can give their opinions.

Anyway, it has been a long way to here, it has been more than three years of my life, I await your comments.

Note: By the way, this script is also for live broadcasting and this is worked under NGINX without delegating to third parties, no next or list buttons are noticed since the platform uses infinite scroll to load new content and is also adaptable for different devices or screens, the player is already tested in different versions and works fine.

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As see from your demo images, it’s YouTube alike web template but it’s hard to say anything about if the reviewer finds it interesting. If it’s quite good enough, don’t worry about the small design changes/polishes as well as coding problems

Oh, I see, I do not know this great celebration, but I understand, anyway I thank you for the comment, I will wait for this event to take place to continue receiving more recommendations.

But your comment has calmed me down, I will probably now send it with more confidence, I thank you. :grin:

It’s valentine’s day :slight_smile:

Oh, I see, I understand. Well, I thank you for taking the time even being this date.