Is it only me or there is a suddenly a flood of refund request for "Mistake Puchases"

Seriously guys, do you know how to double check what you are buying online on the checkout page before you finalize the transaction?

I would say most of those are just trying to get the file for free :). Now that authors can refund, some buyers will exploit this.

Well check the actual review I got for an item clearly labelled in the title for FCP and in the first line in the description states - 'for Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion. A 1 star review for a buyer mistake!!!


Yep, I got the same flood of refunds and all of them was downloaded, so I decline all of them.

By themeforest policy the only valid reasons to get a refund are:

Item is "not as described"
Item doesn’t work the way it should
Item has a security vulnerability
Item support is promised but not provided
Item support extension not used
Items that have not been downloaded