Is it ok to put a demo version for free on my website?

Hello, forum! I have a question and I couldn’t really find the answer in the FAQ section. I have a codeCanyon script here (exclusive) and I was wandering if it would be ok if I release a demo version that contains, let’s say 30% of the features that the full version has. The reason I want to do this is mostly so people can see how the installation process goes and if their hosting meets all of the requirements of the script, plus I think it would be a good promotion if I give away a free “sample” :slight_smile: Thanks!

You can offer lite version for free on your website & if someone interested to buy full version or premium version can buy on codecanyon, that will surely increase the sales as well!

Hey, thanks!

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For promotions, you cannot offer “free” services or items, it’s against the rules but you can create a plugin and upload it to as well. It could bring more clicks