Is it OK for no-rejection ? Need your opinions.

It is one of the Instagram Story scenes (Including 20 SCENES) I create. How this scene seems to you? Compositon, animation and colors.

Is it OK for no-rejection?

At least that’s not enough. Packs usually include 30-100 different versions. But here only 1. Even if this were accepted, it would not be able to compete with large similar projects.

For sure :slight_smile: I just posted only this scene here. It is one of the scenes of the pack that I create.

I ask opinion for the composition, colors and animation.

Then it’s hard to say is it enough for approved, relying on just one scene… :man_shrugging:

I mean I ask just like this: Do you like this scene? :slight_smile: Or is there something about animation and compostion that makes scene poor to your eyes. Does it make sense?

As for me it’s not bad, but it’s not something original, at the same time. I don’t like random wiggle of letters and glowing/shadow effects below the main plate (they don’t look harmonious with the “flat” design)

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