Is it normal nowadays that my item stays in the review queue for 40+ days?

Last time I submitted an item a remember it took no longer than a 2 weeks, this is really ridiculous!!

Yes… others 50 and 60 days… I am on 38 days also :slight_smile: no choice but to wait…

Some are on 80+ or even 90+ days (for the first review).

Corporate track 22 days

Hello my friend, you should know better envato over the years how The growth (enlargement) and review team met with information faced with high volume and for this reason the review process will be slow I hope you have patience Good luck :+1:

COrporate 22days )))

my item already pass 2 month and still waiting :joy: haha

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I already submit my .psd 9 days :smiley: maybe I patience wait as you 2 month xDDD hahahaha

Video waiting about 20 days

20 days videohive? :flushed:

Yap! But if the photographer is waiting for 80 days, then it’s probably OK

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that weird :frowning: