Is it normal for sales to completely drop off (I'm new)


I’m a few months into AJ and it began quite wonderfully! I arrived at the 13 sale mark when suddenly things came to an abrupt halt. I’m approaching one week without a sale. Any advice from AJ veterans? Maybe some friendly motivation :slight_smile:

I can only assume it comes in waves, but it would be nice to hear your experiences.

Hi, it seems for lots of authors sales have slowed down during October and November.
So you’re not the only one. Reasons? We could speculate…the pandemic, holidays, general quiet period, etc.
Either way good luck selling!:slight_smile:

Hey Lillia!
It can be normal at the beginning, keep working and you’ll see better sales!

All the best

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Heya @Lillia_Music,

We also experienced slower sales during October & November, but more big licenses which saved our month. When your portfolio will grow try to use the new discount tool & collections. Figuring out a great sales strategy is also helpful. :slight_smile:

Good luck! :v:

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