Is it new pirate tactic?

Hi Buddet,
I received a mail with the same words as yours.The mail is from a user who has “Super Copyright Ninja” elite.He looks like someone who specializes in finding pirate.
Now I don’t know how to deal with it.Could you tell me how did your deal with it finally,please?

I wrote to cloud storage companies. Some of them delete links on free download. But this is like virus. No happy result. Now this project almost nobody buy because of pirates. Only 1-2 was sold since it was stolen. Sad story.

hmm true once it will uploaded to pirate sites only genuine buyers will buy your templates otherwise that project is history

How many videos you could create for the time that was struggling with pirate sites?

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I don`t struggle with pirate sites. I have no resources for this. This is Envato deal but Envato don’t care.

it’s better to just be safe

The “road example” isnt the case, cause the mentioned roads as emailed from the “ninjas” are always the same GFX… & SHARE… sites. So it seems that these are the “stong guys” and we are the the “weak boy” who always gets beaten!

A ninja (忍者?) was a covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan. The functions of the ninja included espionage, sabotage, infiltration, assassination … (From Wikipedia)

A “Copyright Ninja” should not only email you the bad news and inform you that there is nothing to do but to accept it!

Thats from me.

On other platforms like TurboSquid for example I remember you could check a few checkboxes that you give permission to TurboSquid to represent you in protecting your copyrights. I don’t know how or if it works, but I think if Envato wanted, there are many ways to help us in this fight.


I think envato should do something for these people who stollen the items. We can’t stop them, but we can make this harder for them.

Just got the same message today from the user named as “maritog”. The dowload link he is provided goes to “” website. After clicking “dowload now” i was redirected to the “”. There is a radiobutton you need to check on and then hit “dowload now” again. After doing that i was redirected to the website called "’ “.nl” means Netherlands. I was open my statement panel and check out the last invoise of the item that was presented as free. And i saw that the guy with TIN CAN username from the Amsterdam (Netherlands) bought my progect file two days earlier.
There is no more info about him. Just want to mention there is more than a month inbetween last sale of that project and purchase TIN CAN did.

We’ve had our recent Golden Awards Pack (After Effects) appear on, which is surprising as it has only sold 5 times.

With such a small list I’m posting partial names, in case anyone else sees a match:

Paid with PayPal -
B D##n - San Jose - Brazil

Paid with Credit Card -
C Mor### - Kentucky
E Sm### - Florida
J La#### - North Carolina

Edit. The links shouldn’t be active as we’ve stripped out some characters! Fail :confused:


Guess which one is the pirate here… ofcourse its from Brazil.

but the same person bought something from you or are you just being xenophobic?

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