Is It me or has Audio Jungle got More Strict ?

I feel that Audio Jungle is either getting more strict? Orrrrr they have new reviewers? Just curious ?

So much effort is spent on consideration. All this can work 10 times easier. And don’t need to attract living people…

I would be even more strict.

Because you don’t need “competitors”?

Competitors? I´m not talking about the numbers of authors uploading tracks.

Why are you being strict?

Take a look about all those portfolios with the same track repeated 100 times.
I´m talking about creativity, for example.

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I think the program is testing us. A person would not take the same type of tracks because he remembered the previous ones. and the script takes all that is suitable for the specified parameters.

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Here’s an example: recently I filed simultaneously 5 tracks after 5 days 4 tracks got “hard rejected” fifth track got “hard rejected” after 12 days. the average waiting time at that time was 12 days. It’s funny to you?

Funny, 12 days? I was here when the queued reached 33 days, so…


I was here at the time, too. in those days, all the music was tested
curators. At the moment, the check is 50/50.

When i read 50/50 i always remember my old times as a skater. :wink:

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I think sometime reviewers deny the track because they don’t like it . If they would be considerate to other people and there styles.

Yes, sometimes i think so. It is in the human being.
I think it´s something normal, for the good things and for the bad ones.

Well, I often puts " like" on the posts I like, you know? Better get used to it, because that’s a pretty standard feature of most social forums. Plus, it has nothing to do with provocation.

Second, I don’t follow you, I simply read freely around the forum. Are you aware that you can’t control what people choose to read, like or don’t like, on a public forum?

On topic: It is a possibility that AudioJungle is getting a bit more strict, recently. If so, it might be a wise move (considering the over-saturation in some of the main categories), but honestly, I didn’t witness any changes on my side. :slight_smile:

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The reviewers have definitely become more strict since I joined in 2014. It meant I got a lot of rejects along the way but my quality improved in order to get accepted.

It also makes the whole market better quality for the buyers, so I’m fine with it. If they could just standardise the time to be an exact length (always 7 days for example) then that would be ideal.

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