Is it hard to get started?

Hey guys! I am new here, I am Motion Graphic designer, with 10 years of experience, I am thinking to start selling my projects for AE on Envato. What I see here from my perspective, you just make projects sell them and make money, as a sceptical person, for me it sounds too easy to be true, I bet there is plenty of difficulties especially for those who is just a beginner here. Any advice from experienced author on Envato on how to get noticed quickly and get high sales, what to expect etc. Obviously the higher quality work I do, then more chance I get. But I am not worrying about quality, cuz like I said, I am experienced motion graphic designer. Any advice/suggestions? Thanks.

Hey @buzzie114,
Everything you need to know about selling and being an author, you can find here.
UPD: My advice: do some great and quality items and find your niche customers.

hi, yes indeed, u need to experience the thing by yourself and u’ll face some difficulties for sure. U said it looks too easy to be true, well let’s talk about it a bit later on, we’ll see if u changed your mind or not … . As for advice , here we go, do your best , try to find a niche (somethign that people did not yet think about and that will bring u good money because there’s an unidentified demand), them upload very often and once u have done, self promote your items anywhere u can so that u can get exposure and sales … when u say it it looks not that difficult, u’ll see that’s a different story when u do …