Is it good enough? Feedback please



Hello, I recently submitted another version of this template, which was rejected. Do you think this one is good enough to be approved as it is? Is it good design wise?
Thanks for your feedback :wink:


I think typography is the reason behind the rejection… and also the design is so basic that anyone can do it in mins… try to make something unique and interesting… hope it helps…



hi buddy sorry to say just this , but would u buy something like this? i mean there is no real originality or effort into making the design outstanding, there is not much contrast between back and typo and in terms of visual there is just a colorful brush inthe back across the footer … a customer may buy this if he or she loves very basic things but there is no way another designer would buy it for a customer when he or she would save only 15 minutes to get the same job done , try to think about it … not to mention that there is no refernce whatsoever to the activity (make up in this case), sorry again , i know that it is means that u have much more effort to bring on your design … have a nice day