Is it fraud or is it theft?

I bought a WordPress theme, we’ll leave it open which one it is.

At first, Elementor Pro did not want to cooperate with the theme, although it was shown as Elementor Pro compatible. Only with an old version, it ran reasonably stable.
The request to support was answered with the following: This is a problem with a third-party plugin for which we cannot offer support.
Elementor support said it was a theme issue and showed where the error came from.
Theme support remained stubborn in their opinion.

We asked support for help with some icons as they were only in white, they promised help but nothing was done.

The site was developed, support was extended and then we wanted to make the site multilingual, the theme was fully WPML compatible, they announced.

It came as it had to come. Taxonomies could be translated, but sub-taxonomies were not even displayed. Inquiries at revealed that it was a theme error. They even offered to support the theme developers.
Answer from theme support: This is a third-party plugin bug. We do not support third-party plugins.

I complained, but I was not helped. I then wrote a review, which I guess the designer didn’t like.

My key was deactivated and I have not had access to the theme I purchased since. Support told me: We are in no way obligated to make the theme work with any third party plugin and we will not be blackmailed with bad reviews like this, especially after all the help we have given you.

We have deactivated your license and you are free to ask for a refund, which we will give you.

I’m waiting for 5 days now for the refund for the theme and also for the paid 12 months of support.

Who will pay for the site downtime and the hours I put in and paid for with other developers to improve the site?

So is it fraud, is it theft? Is it my fault that I complained about their errors? Is this a good support? Is this a good theme?


In answer to your question - is it fraud, is it theft? It is neither of those.

You bought a Wordpress Theme which I assume in some way you tested the preview and as best as you were able to determine at that point, it met your needs. As you say you then developed the site (and by that I presume you meant editing files so it could meet your expectations of what you wanted in the end).

You then wrote a review (which no-one can see what you did actually say) and the designer then de-activated your purchase key, and you are now waiting for a refund.

No-one will pay you for site down-time, or hours and payments you paid to other developers.

I’m sorry you had an experience like this but I cannot say anymore or give you an answer that will help you.

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I did not edit files, we justed used the theme as it is. The theme still worked but the functions it has did not work correctly. WPML installed Wordpress in a sandbox. They installed the theme and wpml and we could reproduce the errors. They say the theme did not follow the rules of WordPress. That is why it not compatible with WPML. So we did nothing wrong and WPML support located the problem. The theme developers gave a sh… about the bug in their theme and they did not care about their clients.

I paid for the theme and they deactivated the key I paid for. And I still wait for my refund.

This is like you buy a car, you have a electronic problem and cannot use your lights and after they refused to repair it and you complaint about the car at the factory, they tow your car away and say you will get a refund. This is theft. As they sold the car, although they knew it had problems, it is fraud. (Same as advertising it works with WPML).

In most countries they will have to pay back the money for the car and for the car you rent until you find a new car. And if you cannot drive to work, they have to pay for the loss of earnings as well.

Authors shouldn’t be able to remotely deactivate your installation, and they are trying to force a refund in order to remove your review. Of course we don’t have the full story here, but what you’ve reported on is very bad behavior.

Please report this to support through a ticket:

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I wrote this:

This is the second error we found in the theme. First it was the incompatibility with Elementor Pro, we had to work with an old version of Elementor and Elementor Pro. The support told us it was a problem with a third-party plugin (Elementor Pro) and they do not support third-party plugins. Now it is not compatible with the WPML plugin and as you should know, they do not support third-party plugins. After testing WordPress with theme and WPML, the support of WPML could follow the error to the taxonomy/sub-taxonomy incompatibility with Lisfinity. They at PeBas do not follow the needed WordPress structure. Although we connected them to the compatibility team, they are not willing to help us at the moment.
As all sub-taxonomies are not translated, we cannot continue our work. Lisfinity is not compatible with WPML!
Is there a support forum to communicate with other users of this theme?

The rest of the theme looks good and works fine, but with these problems, we are going to start looking for a better theme.

and still gave two stars.

But out of the dark two reviews appeared with together 3 lines and gave them 5 stars :-))))

Still waiting for the refund, day 19 now.

Thank you, I did this minutes ago after I waited 19 days for the refund.

old topic but where do I turn off anything that needs 3rd party licenses? I am wasting days looking for templates, installing them, and finding out I need another subscription. lol how many dang subscriptions do I need for a website? I think to me it’s a scam paying for elements downloading a template kit only to be asked hey this only works if you buy another subscription. I think is literally the definition of a scam. Buy 1 subscription which is mostly useless without another subscription lol.


As I understand Elements, for some Items, a component of the Item will be sourced from a third party and different license terms may apply to the component, such as someone else’s license or an open source or creative commons license. If so, the component will be identified in the Item’s description or in the Item’s downloaded files.

For each digital work (called an “Item”) you download and Register under your Envato Elements subscription, you are granted a license to use the Item on a non-exclusive, commercial, worldwide and revocable basis, for one Single Use per Registration.

Third party licences are not as far as I am aware included in multiple installations.