Is it forbidden to use CodestarFramework?

The plugin I sent was rejected. I compare it with my other accepted plugins. I’m checking I can’t see anything.

There are a few things that are different. “Https://” I used this framework, subject to the free version available on github.

GitHub - jenssegers/imagehash: 🌄 Perceptual image hashing for PHP” I used this framework.

I used Goole TensorFlow.js.

Also, since PHP compare is a bit slow, I added one Python compare for those who want to use it, so that those who can run the Python script use it.

I think my plugin actually has sales potential, but it was rejected directly. I don’t know where I went wrong.

So I could not understand. Is it forbidden to use framework for setting panel?

It’s not related to the framework, rejection is about the item features/functionalities

Yes, when I call “echo $” search, there are many codes. Normally they should have an escape process, but I did know that codestar itself is also on sale in Envato Market.

It’s not forbidden to use but the current security/coding quality may not be good enough for Envato. You will need to modify the codes to get the item approved or easy solution, use TGM to install the extension instead of loading it directly within the theme file.

What is “TGM”? I installed it with Composer and install it with autoload.

Hmm, I understand that instead of adding directly. I got it so I will suggest it with this instead of adding it directly.