Is it dishonest to sell an icon pack with 40 objects as an 80 pack?

I bought an icon pack of “85” icons but on using it, there are only 43, because for each icon there are two copies, isometrically on different planes/perspectives. Is this considered honest in this marketplace? Nowhere in the seller’s pitch does it mention this, and there are no representations of all icons, just a representative subset showing one isometric viewpoint.

Technically there are 85 icons included, even if they aren’t completely original, so there isn’t any false advertisement going on here. Unfortunately that’s how a lot of marketing goes, even if it’s not completely honest.

It is very much a deceit though isn’t it, when everyone knows you can flip an icon horizontally to create its mirror? I mean why not say it’s a pack a 200k icons and just provide one image with 200k simple transformations applied. Or a pack or 1000 video transitions where it’s the same transition just with 1000 colour filters applied that you could apply yourself.

These kinds of shoddy market bazaar con tricks are the bottom feeding practices that should be getting stamped out by @Envato if they want to be seen as more than a funnel for their shareholders’ profits.

I agree to a certain extent. These instances are generally few and far between, and if people buy them they can leave a poor rating/review, or comment to let others know what’s going on.