Is it better to include audio in logo animation or start portfolio at AJ ?

Hi there,
I’m here at envato for last 3 years. All my VideoHive items have link to somebodys audio design.

Recently I get back to my old passion (audio productions). Ive created couple of modern “transformer glitch” audio logos.
And I have two choices:

A) Create new Logo Animation for VideoHive and Include my own audio fx in the pacage.
- Can be cool, many of potential buyers will be happy about that fact, it can increase sales…

B) Create an AudioJungle account and upload my sound designs, and link them with my animations.
- So my animation buyer will also buy audio design from me (more bucks in my pocket).

In my experience at Envato Ive noticed that Audio designs, music from AudioJungle that have been used in VideoHive projects are selling a way better. With the plan “B” there is another advantage that some other VH authors can use my audio and the sales can go even higher.

What do you think ?

I’ve been wondering the same thing recently. I think ‘A’ could be the way forward, but it’s too early to tell. I’ll let you know in a month or two!

Obviously it’s better to get an extra $6 or $8 or whatever per sale, but the fact that music is included makes the item more valuable, so in theory, it should sell better. When you add on VAT and the cost of the music, a $14 template can soon become a $26 template. Almost twice the price… so if you’re saying ‘audio included!’ that could be quite appealing.

But if the template were to become a best seller without audio, then it would probably be better not to include the music from a revenue point of view. And the point you make about other authors using your audio in a template is a good one. I think it’s a tough one to call.

But please, whatever you do - if you sell stock footage, do NOT include any audio. It’s the most annoying thing in the world.

I think that it could be better to stick with plan B.
But it that case it would be better to stick your audio with other videohive projects as well.Because it could be to suspicious if your AJ content will be linked only with your VH items.

In what possible way, in the known universe or beyond, would that be suspicious? Enlighten us.

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Thank you all for your messages.

In my 1st message I should mention the fact that some of my animation works have sold in hundredths of times.
And this numbers start this way of thinking in my head. ShapeShifter Logo animation almost 500 sales, the sound that is linked has 600 sales.
4 bucks for audio is not big deal but x 500 times it is…

BravoMusic its not suspicious at all it just natural when you have multiple skills animation/audio production.

Yeah, if it’s selling well then I wouldn’t include audio. If something isn’t selling as well as you’d hoped, then adding in a music track could help with sales numbers.

And I concur with everyone else on the ‘suspicious’ vibe. You’re just cross-selling an audio track that has been created to accompany the animation. Or the animation has been created to accompany the audio. Either way… there’s nothing wrong with linking to somebody else’s track so they can earn a bunch of money, so why would there be anything wrong with linking to one of your own items so you can earn a bunch of money instead?

Well,I guess you are right.
Maybe I just didn’t understand how it will work

why not both, make video and audio together but they can be also sold separately, if someone doesn’t want your audio with the footage it can just use the version without it, or he can buy the track that is in the preview from your AJ profile