is it bad ? why are They rejected my music?

Is it so bad?

For this hard reject without an explanation of the reason.
I do not understand my problem, please help me

I think the track itself has no problem
maybe the reviewers didn’t think it’s commercial enough for the platform.

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also, the track is a bit long and repetitive maybe if it was but a bit it would be better.

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thanks for your answer


I think the issue is the big change in term of energy you had around 30sec. There’s nothing wrong with that for listening or in a composition way. But I think as our music have to be commercial, you have to stuck on one feeling, one emotion, if you go for metal / rock etc you have to follow the same energy during all the track. Bridge is obviously welcomed, but in this case this is too smooth and gentle for “metal rock”

The calm part also sound great as corporate track so you clearly have 2 different tracks in one to me :slight_smile:

I hope this help !

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big compression?? maybe excessive at the start… don’t like the strings… it’s like you used two different genres and this could be confusing. at the start with distorted guitars and then you change abruptly with almost a new age style? maybe these kind of abrupt changes dont linke to curators…
hope this helps…

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I would agree, I think there are two genres in this song. The metal and the corporate-esque sonics are just too different to have in one track.


Thanks My Friend

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Thanks a lot

Thank you My Friend