Is it bad enough to be harshly rejected?


I work for months, but it is directly rejected without any feedback or explanation. I think it should definitely be when I compare it with some products in the market. this makes me think that some reviewers are not well-intentioned. Do you think this product is bad enough to be severely rejected?

Front End URL: Click Here

Admin Panel Demo
Admin Login URL: Click Here

There are 4 user types. Login information is on the admin login page.

Main Features

  • Fully Responsive
  • 6 Home Version
  • Powerful Admin Backend
  • Dark/Light Mode (Admin)
  • Multi language (6 Languages)
  • Page Module
  • Easy Menu (Drag Drop)
  • Menu Availability
  • Blog Module
  • Customer Support
  • Ticket System
  • FAQ Module
  • Gallery Module (Photo & Video)
  • Banner Module
  • Login Form
  • Registration Form
  • Quotation Form
  • Feedback Form
  • Subscriber Form
  • Contact Form
  • File Upload Feature
  • Form View Settings
  • HTML Email Template
  • Autoresponse/Information email
  • XSS,CSRF attack, SQL injection Protection
  • Client side and server side validation
  • PHPMailer with SMTP
  • Presentation
  • Bank Info
  • Pricing Table
  • User Management
  • User Profile Page
  • 4 User Role
  • New User Notification
  • New Quote Notification
  • New Ticket Notification
  • SMTP Settings
  • SEO Optimized
  • Service Categories
  • Social Media Links
  • Profile Page
  • Terms/Privacy Modal
  • Social Links
  • Footer Module
  • Skills Module
  • Partner Module
  • Page Headings
  • Module Availability
  • GPDR Cookie Module
  • Maintenance Module
  • Backup Manage
  • Logo, Favicon, Page Loader
  • Information Section
  • Clean, Modern, Attractive Design
  • Super easy to customize
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Commented Clean Code
  • Supported By all major Browsers
  • Great Support
  • And more…

NOTE: Some functions have been disabled in the demo.

Why CodeCanyon? Does it do something unique?

If it is a wesbite template with the listed features then I would suggest it belongs on themeforest

Firstly, thanks for your response. but it is live although there are fewer features in many cms found in codecanyon. And since this product is a script and not a website template, I thought I should publish it in codecanyon. Should I publish it on Themeforest?

If it’s a cms or a script then CodeCanyon is right.

I can’t see much off my phone but can look properly later

I will be happy if you can review it later and convey your ideas. because I can’t get feedback and it lowers my motivation.

Actually what is your item title? and what is your item main focus functionality? what premium things/functionality are you trying to sell to customers through this demo?
I would like to put the demo in a subdirectory/subdomain instead in the root domain.

As far I check front end:
front end designed very poorly. functionality not fully done as like portfolio page portfolio category not working and/or there is no filtering options for portfolio category. All Services page designed very poor. All features pages not designed as premium values. overall template design not premium. front end not reflecting your item main functionality.

Now lets talk about backend. I don’t know what you have done in back end but you should include something premium those can keep commercial values and must should reflect your item title. As like you can put your full effort in a single module as like management systems or forum or crm or as like this.


My observations are (if they help) as follows. I’m looking at this on a desktop!:


  1. Text on navigation is small - it looks tiny which I assume will be small on phones/tablets;
  2. Dropdown link

Digital NOT Dijatal - spelling errors really annoy me personally.

  1. On that same page the heading tag and then text under it is misaligned.

  2. Photo gallery page is click on image but no slideshow.


  1. After you login they are totally confusing. Bear in mind (and I admit I have made similar mistakes) YOU might know how it works, but people going there for the first time like me don’t have a clue what you mean.

  2. It’s a bit cluttered on the admin side to be sure. The text again is small, and it all seems at first site overwhelming. Instead of the button saying UPDATE then change that to a green button saying SAVE. It makes it clearer what someone needs to do.

  3. Colour scheme on admin

Right hand side edit buttons, or delete is off. Its hard to see what the icons are against that awful red, since the bin icon should be WHITE, and the blue edit button - maybe a different background colour.

Its very evident to me that you have something but it lacks finesse (ability to manuever seemlessly) through the site. Don’t be put off - you just need to look at this like someone WHO HAS NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE, and then you will be able to see what needs changing.

Thank you very much for this valuable feedback.

Yes it really helped a lot. Thank you very much for this valuable feedback.