Is it allowed? you pay a theme, an extra for support but nobody answer...?

I think it’s a way to loose credibility as Themeforest and Envato.
I bought this theme DARO from @design_grid and I added an Extra support.
No answer (after the first one useless). So now I got a big problem (site no good to be published ) and no support.
I asked for refund but this not help because I spent days to build the site.

If you ask me “would you suggest Envato to a friend”… I’ll respond “mmmm yes but…”

So sad…
I show you what happening:
Preview of DARO (+Elementor)

After Published it:

We are very sorry for the delay
Please send us the page link
Regarding this

Please stop this option
Regarding this
Please send us the page link

It is shown on the width of the image and the size of the display screen is automatic

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I answer here maybe this case can be useful for others.

this is the link:

Turning OFF the lazy loading I solved part of the problems (now I see the header not degraded) but my justify grid is always stretched and it is not Justify but it is a regular grid
Correct one:

Visibile one:

@design_grid ???
Can you help?

The reason is that all the images you added are the same height and width
You must add images of different sizes in order to be arranged according to width

sorry but this not makes sense.
This grid is useful to maintain the aspect ration of a pic, the elementor preview show me the correct aspect ratio, your theme, once published, make them all squared!
Following your suggestion here is the result
1)pic 1920x1275
2)pic 800X1200
3)pic 1200x800…
same result!
I’m sorry to bother you but I really do not know how to solve it. I tried another Grid (Easy grid plug in) same result, preview is ok, publishing squared and distorted.

i solved by myself.

Your theme and Smush Pro have conflict. if I turn off the plug ins all my grid are ok in quality and aspect ratio.
I reported it to Smush pro guys. Hope this help somebody else