Is it allowed to update plugins via our server?



Can I use in my WordPress plugin to provide live updates for my plugins from my own server?


As long as you provide it as an option - so that users can decide for themselves whether they want automatic updates or not, I can’t see why that would be a problem.


I ask it because whenever we release a new update, CodeCanyon team review the code manually and then approve it. If we take it to our server and provide directly to the clients, they will not be able to monitor the code.


For most of the Authors, that’s not the case anymore. For me, and other old authors, the updates are automated, without any review process.

Offering your update OTA shouldn’t prevent you from making the update available on CodeCanyon as well, as I’ve previously said - make it as an option, so people can manually update (via CodeCanyon), or automatically trough your server.


Thanks @codefir

I will integrate it now.