Is it allowed to sell a business card in AI format ?


I’m a big fan of Adobe Illustrator and I’ve designed some business cards available in AI format.Recently, I realised that most of the business cards in GraphiRiver are in PSD format.
I’m wondering if this is set by the envato team to force designers submit only PSD format for business cards or most clients prefer PSD files ??

Any help would be helpful
thanks in advance

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I’m not sure what Envato’s rules are, but I think it’s always better to use a format that every application can use. Vector EPS and PS are obvious choices but SVG (Scale-able Vector Graphic) is a completely open standard. All of which can easily be exported from Illustrator.

One thing to keep in mind with SVG is that Illustrator exports SVG with a rather large, and useless header. Adobe marketing bs mostly. That info is at the top of the file, and can be easily removed with a simple text editor.

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Check here, we hope its help you :thumbsup:

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