Is it allowed PSB instead of PSD?


Hello everyone. Quick question, is it allowed PSB file? I’m working on something big and the file is already larger than 2GB.
Thanks in advance:)


well for PSB i don’t have clue if it’s legal or not
but you can try to hide the ( groups and layers ) this trick helps with size


I’ve tried that. but still the file is quite large. The resolution is 6000x3000 :smiley: and i want to keep it like that:)


holy moly :smiley:

well this trick does not affect on resolution it’s just reduced size of the file nothing more


I’ve never seen a file of that size for sale on here. Can I ask that kind of project it is?



Note that the maximum upload size is 3GB (see upload page). So keep that in mind when working on your project :slight_smile:


hi Zlatko, i personally do not think that theres’ much problem with this indeed, and i think that in a general way there aren’t any problems here unlike u are likely to express yourself and do not say amen to what people here are doing …


Hi there,
I’ll upload quick screenshot after work :). I’m creating a office interior where you can change everything. I will upload it in category “Hero images” or Produck mock up. We will see :).


I will thanks :). I still have a lot of space. Anyway when i’m zipping the main file it will be compresed (40% or even more). Now the main file is around 2,5 gb so i have atleast 2gb more :slight_smile:


Thanks Nico. I’ll give it a try and time will tell (or reviewer will tell :D). Still have a lot of work :slight_smile: