Is it a good idea to modify the plugin that bundled in the theme I am going to sell?

Hi All,

I am building my first theme and considering to bundle a Visual Composer addon elements plugin to my theme.
To fit in with my theme, I want to change the looks and feel of the VC elements provided by the plugin(NOT core VC elements) we bundle it in.

Since the VC addon plugin doesn’t provide any way(like functions or hooks) to change the style and HTML output, I am considering to modify the plugin code directly.

Considering the update efforts, is it a good decision to modify the bundle plugin code directly? or should I find other plugins that I can do some tweaks without touching the plugin code?

Thank you!


VC has heaps of funky hooks and filters.

I’d strongly recommend not modifying the core VC plugin, because they’re releasing an update every couple of weeks and it will be a VERY big pain to keep applying your changes all the time.

Look for apply_filters and do_action through the VC source code. If you really want to change the output then try to do it via CSS external to the plugin only.

Hi @dtbaker, thanks for your suggestion!

Sorry for my unclear question. I know VC provides lots of hooks/API for developer to extend it, but what I am going to modify is another addon plugin that is based on VC, not core VC plugin.