Is internet Explorer 11 required for Wordpress themes?


I have a question, from time to time I see more and more themes that do not have written that support IE11. Does this mean that we no longer need to support this browser? I do not have to say that IE is a little nightmare :slight_smile:

I would not like to get a rejection because IE’s lack of support.


Normally should work on many browsers but if ia not working on ie, don’t select from list…

For this will be soft reject so if you have problem with this, you neex to fix.

Ie not is replaced with edge and many plugins like page builder don’t work with <11 version.



I think all browser compatibility is not mandatory but for getting approve and customer acceptance Author should to make his item all latest version browser compatibile. In case of IE11 if your Item compatible with IE11 then slect it as compatible. I think you should to make compatible with both or at least one of IE version(IE11 or edge). Your Item must have to work as you will describe in item details page.


Thank you for the answers :slight_smile: I only meant IE11. As for the Edge, of course, my theme is compatible :slight_smile: For now I skip IE11 and see how potential customers will react.

Thank you!

Wordpress works with all browsers,if its not working properly reinstall it.
But Internet Explorer is old enough ,it usually don’t support CSS styles